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Erica N.

Blue Pearl Productions went above and beyond what I had imagined for our wedding video. We absolutely loved seeing our photographs from the day of, but hiring a videographer was one of our best decisions because it allows us to relive our entire big day! Blue Pearl caught every moment, starting from the preparation in the bridal suite all the way up to the dance party at the reception. I absolutely loved that I was able to watch the entire ceremony on DVD because there was so much going on while I was kept hidden before my bridal entry… It was so fun to enjoy all the beautiful music leading up to that moment and watch my mom and other relatives walk down the aisle before me. It also allowed me to see some of the groom’s emotion when I walked down that I hadn’t been able to see from the other side of the aisle. Watching our DVD allowed me to sit and enjoy our ceremony, since if was a little too preoccupied on the day-of to actually hear what our pastor was saying. And I loved getting to relive all the fun moments of the reception- hearing the speeches was even sweeter later, and our band sounded even better playing on a big screen at our home. All in all, I have to say that the footage that Blue Pearl caught on our wedding day was absolutely complete. And the editing on top of that was absolutely incredible! It made for a perfect video and now allows us to relive every moment of our special day. We can’t wait to someday share our day with our children! Thank you so much Blue Pearl!

Taylor S.

Eric was absolutely great!! We found blue pearl productions on yelp and after reading 5 star reviews we decided to take a meeting to see what they had to offer for our wedding. By the end of our meeting and seeing example videos, and going over their extremely reasonable prices, there wasn’t a single hesitation– we are hiring them! Communication was easy, we got very quick responses either by email or texting and Eric was very accommodating. When our big day arrived, the team was on time to our venue (Los Willows Estate)- checked in with my husband and I as well our coordinators and that was it. Easy as that and about 6 weeks later we received 5 DVDs of our wedding, perfectly done. We LOVE the quality of the video. Everything was captured and I got tears in my eyes being able to relive such an important day.  We contacted them for more DVDs (more family members request) and it only took a few days for those extras to arrive. Fantastic. Highly recommended!!!

Shalyn W.

When I started my wedding plans, I was adamant that I did not want or need a video. I’m so glad that my family changed my mind. Eric and his team came highly recommended by my photographer and coordinator and after watching the final video, it’s easy to see why. The day of the wedding I found myself wondering if everything was being captured because I did not see cameras very often. Blue Pearl Productions was the fly on the wall in the room. Not only did they get the “must have” moments, they captured guest reactions, getting ready moments and things that I myself missed the day of without being obvious or distracting about it. They captured it all and did a wonderful job editing and putting the video to music. The final product is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. My husband and I are going to watch it every year on our anniversary. I’m so thankful to Eric’s team for doing an amazing job while being courteous, professional and stealth.  If you don’t think you want a videographer, change your mind! If your searching for the perfect videographer, you can end your search here.

Celeste C.

Video?!? It was a last minute choice & we have no regrets. Eric of Blue Pearl produced the most beautiful video imaginable. His professionalism and quick turn around time is impressive. Highly recommended!

Marcela A.

Eric Nelte, was very helpful creating a video for my business. He show professionalism and creativity at all times. He was very patient and strives for excellence at filming time. The video was created in a fast period of time and he even helped me downloading on Vimeo and You tube. The video turned out to be a success and is bringing my business many new clients.  I highly recommend Blue Pearl productions for videos to be used in business presentations, web pages, etc.

Kyle O.

Eric shot our wedding last year at Karl Strauss Brewery Gardens.  Despite our booking him several weeks before the wedding, Eric was extremely professional and made every accommodation to get us the best video possible.  Eric and his team were great on the day of the wedding, showing up early to set up and video the wedding party preparing.  They got every scene just right, and gave us a wonderful video.  My wife and I just re-watched it (for her it’s probably the 20th time) and it’s held up to our every expectation.  We both would highly recommend Eric and his team.  Thanks for the great video!

Denise B.

I can’t say enough nice things about Eric and Blue Pearl Productions. We got married in June 2011 and we origionally did not think we wanted a video but we are more than happy with what we got. Eric was very professional. We never felt posed or intruded upon. He did such an incredible job of capturing moments that we will treasure forever. The quality of the videa is unbelievable!!! We have had soooo many friends say that it looked like we were starring in a movie. I have to say that the video is my favorite thing from the wedding. The memories cannot be replaced and I love that we will have it forever. Thank you Eric!!!

Lindsay H.

Blue Pearl Productions and Eric Nelte did a fantastic job video taping my wedding!  Eric was there nice and early that day and was professional and courteous.  I couldn’t have been happier that day or after seeing the video.  Everything was wonderful!

Ara C.

Eric and his team are incredible documentarians- you can tell they have a real passion for their craft. We really weren’t sure we wanted a video, but we changed our minds pretty close to the wedding date. Our wedding coordinator recommended Eric and he was incredibly eager to please- a nice touch for a wedding professional. I wanted some footage shot on super 8 film, in addition to HD, and he was excited about using this medium.  On the wedding day, he arrived early  (unlike the make-up artist) and captured one of the most memorable parts of the day- getting ready with my sister, best friends, mother and mother-in-law. The mix of HD and super 8 and the snippets of moments giggling and glances in the mirror are just beautiful. They even got the guys hanging out. The ceremony was in a garden overlooking the ocean and wow- it was shot beautifully. I have no idea where they set up, but those shots were breathtaking.    We had in mind a film that was tasteful, fly on the wall pov, and most importantly captured the essence of the day and Eric did not disappoint.  I was also very happy with the background music he selected for the film- it shows he studied us as a couple and as individuals and chose just the write sounds and mood for each part of the video. The day went by like a dream, so it is amazing to be able relive it with such an artistic, and sophisticated video of our wedding day. And on top of the quality of the product, Eric is a super nice person, who is responsive and a gentleman. Thanks again Eric and team!

Marcelle G.

Eric and his team are absolutely amazing! I hired them based on a recommendation from my wedding venue, and I have to say that I was blown away by the quality of the video!! We watch it over and over, and they really captured everything that was important to us on that special day. Great communication and wonderful to do business with. Highly recommend them!!


I first came to know about Blue Pearl Productions when my sister hired Eric to be her wedding videographer.  Eric came to my mother’s house before the wedding to get footage of the wedding party getting ready.  Our family felt imediately at ease with his professional yet gracious presence.  As soon as we saw the wedding video Eric had created for my sister, we were all in tears at the beauty and emotion that he captured.  5 years later when my wedding rolled around, I hired Blue Pearl Productions right away.  Eric once again proved to be the best videographer in San Diego!  Our wedding guests were taken by their professionalism.  Eric asked us what we wanted and he took that above and beyond.  I was ecstatic to see that my wedding video came out just as beautiful from beginning to end!  I LOVE Blue Pearl Productions!

Fernando C.

Before I hired Eric to capture my daughter’s wedding February 2013, I relied mostly on the numerous amazing reviews of his work from past customers.  I can honestly say now that his video production was a MASTERPIECE and worth all the money spent.  It is a keepsake that will last a lifetime.  Eric, you are hired for my other daughter’s wedding:-)  Blue Pearl  is highly recommended…second to none!

Brittany O.

Our wedding video was just perfect. During our wedding Eric just blended in. I barely knew he was there. When we watched our video I was just amazed at how much he was able to capture. I also felt that he really got to know us very well as a couple. We didn’t choose our music for the video, he choose it. The music he picked just fit us perfectly. The songs he choose were some of our favorite songs and we hadn’t even told him. I feel he really takes the time to get to know his clients. My husband and I highly recommend Eric and his team.

Debby P.

Eric and his team shot our son’s wedding and we couldn’t be more pleased.  Eric was so easy to work with and quickly responded to any questions we had.  We were very concerned about the distraction a videographer might cause since we’ve been to a couple of weddings where the guests couldn’t see what was going on because the photographer and videographer were always up front and in the way.  Eric’s team was the exact opposite – they were very professional and discreet.  They captured all the special moments, from beginning to end, in such a personal and intimate way, yet managed to blend into the background so no one knew they were there. We were thrilled with the video. It was creative and really captured the emotion of the day. The day went by so fast so it was nice to be able to watch the video and re-live it, as well as see things we missed.  He even included guest interviews, which was really fun.  We highly recommend Blue Pearl Productions to anyone looking for a videographer. Thanks, Eric, for giving us such a wonderful memory.

Pat L.

Eric did such a wonderful job with my first daughter’s wedding in ’05 that I hired him to videotape my second daughter’s wedding in ’08.  Both times he did a fabulous job. His videographers are all very professional, punctual and courteous. His editing work was beautiful and his music selection was  perfect!!! When we needed him to do some additional editing work for both videos, he was quick to accommodate.  I would recommend Blue Pearl Productions to anyone who is looking for a great videographer with a good eye for aesthetics and is reliable, honest and professional.

Jessica S.

Originally, we didn’t think the video would be that important and actually planned for a family member to record it.  Thankfully, that didn’t work out and we decided to hire Eric to record our wedding in 2007. Blue Pearl Productions captured all the best moments of our wedding. I loved the intro and exit collages and everything in between. I loved how the shots alternated between color and black/white photography.  It was edited so perfectly to capture the most memorable moments and it actually looks like a movie! The speeches were amazing. The video even captured people flying off the dance floor during the infamous Foggy Mountain Breakdown! We all laughed, got teary eyed and laughed some more. It’s better than I could have imagined. I’ve never seen such a wonderful wedding video. I love the cover too, “Winner of 6 academy awards…” – very cool. Eric has an amazing talent for videography. I would highly recommend Blue Pearl Productions to anyone and everyone. 😉  Thanks again Eric & Team!

Alison A.

Loved our wedding video! Worth every penny and something we will cherish forever!

Brianne H.

Eric and his assistant were absolutely wonderful! We had a very tight budget and Eric was willing to work with us to make things work and he did a fantastic job! He even took time out of his day to come down before the wedding and be at our pre-wedding photoshoot. The quality and production of the video was phenomenal. I would highly recommend Blue Pearl to everyone!

CT. C.

Thanks to the Blue Perl team, our wedding memories are amazing and have our family and friends still talking. From the same day edit (which we highly recommend to couples) to the wedding video, Eric and his team captured every special moment. During the wedding planning process, Eric remained in constant communication to ensure our expectations were met. We worked closely to provide him with pictures and music selection for the background. In addition, Eric and his team’s experience was evident in the video, as they had great attention to detail. My wife and I highly recommend Blue Peal Productions for weddings, or any occasion that you want to remember forever.

Michae O.

Eric and Blue Pearl shot our wedding and simply did a masterful job! All of the wonderful moments on our special day were captured on video and we have watched them again and again since… The wedding video is SO important b/c of how fast everything flies by that day and being able to relive those great memories is just so much fun! Also, I highly recommend getting the photo montage in the package – it was one of the highlights of the evening for us and Eric threw in a little surprise at the end that was INCREDIBLE!! Thanks Eric!

Kelly F.

Eric shot our wedding at Four Seasons in Carlsbad in 2009 and did a phenomenal job.  He was able to capture all of the emotion and details that went into our special day.  There are so many moments in the video that you just can’t capture in a still picture.  When we watch the video it really brings back that day and you get to appreciate it all over again.  I am so very thankful to him and his wonderful team for doing such a great job!  Highly highly recommend going with Blue Pearl Productions!!!

Michelle E.

Our wedding video turned out amazing. Its always hard to pick someone for your special date since you want to make sure every moment is captured. Blue Pearl Productions was amazing, and really captured Everything. Right after the wedding they send you a preview of the video. You can pick your own music and everything. Once we received the final project it was amazing. During the wedding they were great and the final result is amazing. Great people to hire for your wedding! THEY ARE AMAZING!

Pennster T.

My husband and I used Blue Pearl Productions for our summer 2009 wedding. They came at the recommendation of a wedding planner. They have reasonable prices and do a great job. Originally we were not sure we wanted to spend the money on a videographer but we are really happy we did. The day was such a blissful blur; it is nice to be able to go back and watch the moments on video.