Video F&Q

Video Facts and Questions

IMG_6384Q. What kind of equipment do you use for your productions? A. We shoot exclusively with multiple Lumix GH4 cameras for spectacular cinematic 4K. We utilize specialized professional equipment and up to three high quality wireless microphones to capture your vows, the officiant and the readers in pristine digital quality. Editing is done entirely in the digital domain (nonlinear) and your movie is delivered on multi chapter standard and/or Blu Ray DVD so the pristine quality of the original footage is never compromised. We also offer the fully edited movie file for a full HD uncompressed wedding video viewing experience

Q. How long will our wedding movie be? A. Depending on the length of your wedding ceremony and some key points of the wedding reception, your wedding production will be 60-90 minutes long for the ceremony and reception… enjoyable to watch from the opening scene to the closing segment.

Q. Do you use special effects? A. We have multiple special effects such as slow motion, black and white, and old movie effects to highlight certain moments in your wedding movie. Just like great film, we keep your wedding movie story driven. We use special effects in moderation to keep the focus on you, not on the effects.

Q. Music, why is it so important to videography? A. Music helps create the mood of your wedding movie. We encourage couples to make suggestions or provide music that fits their personalities. If the music suggestions don’t provide a flow that works with the content of the scene we will work with you and offer some other suggestions based on your music preferences

Q. Do we need to provide meals for you? A. We respectfully ask that you provide meals at the reception for our hardworking videographers, preferably the same meal as the guests and in the same room. This will ensure that we will not miss a moment to capture the important events.

Q. What’s your turnaround time? A. Finished DVD’s of your wedding movie can take from 8-12 weeks to complete (depending upon our work load). We do not use subcontractors and personally edit every video and it is not uncommon for us to spend up to 60-80 hours on each project. The finished project is more than worth the wait!

Q. Will I watch my movie more than once? A. Our clients tell us they watch their wedding movie over and over again. We’re creating a cinematic masterpiece of your wedding day that is fun and exciting to relive. You’ll love sharing your production with family and friends. And most importantly, you’ll have a permanent record of an amazing moment in time that will be passed down for generations to come.

Q. How do we book your wedding services? A. A $400.00 non refundable deposit with a signed contract is required to book your wedding date. The remaining balances on the entire package is due two weeks before your wedding date. You may reserve your date as early as 2 years in advance or at the last last minute! (please contact us to see if your date is available).