a la Carte

a la Carte

Wedding cinematography from pre-ceremony preparations to multi-camera ceremony coverage to the excitement of the reception, we can customize a wedding video package that meets your exact needs. Please consider the following to add to your package.


Love Story $600 One increasingly popular supplement to wedding day coverage is a custom-produced “Love Story film.” Your voices will narrate the story of how you both met and fell in love. You have the opportunity to let everyone-including future generations know how your relationship evolved right up to this special day. A Love Story Film can be as creative and special as you like, reflecting your own unique personality as a couple. Love Stories are produced as a music video, shot on location with you and your fiancé at your favorite settings. Others may take the form of an indoor or outdoor interview session that also features important family photographs, even video clips. Still others combine the two styles. includes up to 60 childhood photos and 30 current together photos. Many brides find it very similar to TLC’s The Wedding Story. Includes three DVD’s.

Bridal Elegance Video $300 Imagine starring in your own music video. The Elegance video focuses on you in your dress, all of your accessories, and most of all, you.  Shot on location, it combines your beauty and grace with creative camerawork (steadycam, camera boom) and special effects (slow motion, black & white, seamless transitions) all set to music and designed to showcase you at the height of your elegance.  It can also be shown at your rehearsal dinner or reception. After all, it’s all about the bride isn’t it? Includes three DVD’s

The Retrospective Interview $300 This is your story, told by you, several weeks after the wedding is over. We’ll arrange to interview you, at a location of your choice. Your responses, combined with the video shot at your wedding, photographs, and music, create a moving documentary of one of the most important days in your life. The added dimension of a Retrospective Interview makes for a more complete and enjoyable video.

Highlight Video $200 Beautiful dissolves combine with slow motion and music to create an emotional recap of the most memorable footage of the day. Edited down to 20 minutes with special effects, titles & music of your choice. Comes with three DVD’s.

Honeymoon Montage $200 Have your honeymoon pictures set to music and put on the end of your wedding movie. It’s a great way to end your video and complete your collection of wedding memories. Up to 50 pictures, digital editing with titles and music of your choice.

Same Day Edit $1000 This is often described by our clients as “the best part of the reception!” Moments from early in the day are edited on site into a cinematic highlight and displayed on a large screen at your reception. This is a very emotional presentation for everyone and your guests will still be talking about “that amazing video” months and years from now! Includes growing up photos to your choice of music.